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Menlo Park, CA &

Steamboat Springs, CO

Currently only seeing clients by Teletherapy.  Licensed in California, Colorado and Utah.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializing in worki​ng with adults, teens & families. I have expertise in attachment-based and trauma-informed psychotherapy. 

Within the community, I am  most well-known as a family therapist with extensive experience providing no-nonsense parent coaching and relationship repair among parents and their older teen or adult children. 

I routinely provide assistance to San Francisco Bay Area peninsula families considering out-of-home treatment for a family member or, on the other end of the process, navigating an older teen or young adult's return home from wilderness therapy or residential treatment.  Additionally, I work with many families with LGBTQIA+, transgender or non-binary teens who may be experiencing gender dysphoria, parent or grandparent alienation, school isolation or social challenges.

After raising three now grown children with different learning and attention challenges, I am well familiar with local private and public schools, and many handy parenting resources, including tutors, therapists, and lawyers.

I also enjoy working with young adult clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, lack of focus or difficult relationships. I employ a psychodynamic approach, building on a strong relationship between us. Our primary change agent will be our shared experience, working together by video, telephone or, eventually, in the office. 

Through the process, I will provide you with a wealth of practical information, as well as insight as to how your past experiences inform your current circumstances.  Together, we will figure out ways to improve the quality of your life and better understand yourself and others. 

In addition, I am a trained California Domestic Violence Advocate with family law court process and mediation experience. I can assist with court-ordered co-parent counseling, peaceful parenting plans, or how to begin the process when you are thinking of making a change.  If you are seeking on-going support while your divorce proceeds, I just might be your person to lend you emotional support while you navigate the process.

I value your privacy and your time, and try to make every session count. When possible, I will work with you to maximize your insurance benefits, although I am not contracted with any insurance companies.​

If you believe your child or teen may be heading toward a crisis, I can help you make that assessment and figure out next steps, including referrals to others. If you believe you or a family member is in crisis and may be a danger to themselves or others, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.